I need to raise funds in order to get my message out and win re-election to the Columbia City Council. I would be very grateful for your financial support - please donate online with the secure link below

... or mail your check to:

Ian Thomas for 4th Ward
1400 Forum Blvd, Ste C-1, #433
Columbia, MO 65203


I very much appreciate the generous endorsements for my 2019 re-election campaign, which have been given by the following Fourth Ward residents.

I am Richard King and I will be voting for Ian Thomas in his bid for re-election to the City Council. Ian has demonstrated a unique ability to research his subject matter by asking for input from professionals, stakeholders, and citizens of Columbia - resulting in a well thought out approach to solving the many complex issues we face in a city which has grown rapidly in recent years. City Council is currently dealing with leadership issues and I feel it is most important that we have Ian Thomas representing the Fourth Ward and helping make these crucial decisions.

We are Axie and Darwin Hindman and we support Ian. He is honest and he is very smart. While innovative, he works extremely hard in order to make evidence-based decisions after careful thought and study. He listens to his constituents, is transparent, and sets the bar for citizen communication. We trust Ian because we know that he will research all sides of an issue and make what he believes is the best decision for all citizens of our community.

My name is Kay Frymire and I plan on voting for Ian Thomas. I’ve had the opportunity to intern for Ian for almost five years now, and I’ve seen how much he cares about the issues and the constituents he represents. As a student at the University of Missouri, I especially value his efforts to improve the public transportation system and make Columbia more accessible to bikers and pedestrians. I also support his dedication toward implementing a community-oriented policing model, which has been proven to reduce crime rates by strengthening relationships between community members and law enforcement. Ian has already proven himself to be a valuable asset to Columbia—if re-elected, he will continue to bring positive change to our community.

I am Kim Kraus and I'm voting to re-elect Ian Thomas because he has a consistent core mission - that Columbia should be a safe, diverse, engaged, healthy, and forward-thinking city. As president of Ridgefield Park Association and as an individual citizen, I know Ian to be accessible and responsive to feedback, questions, and concerns. He takes matters seriously and has facilitated meetings with city representatives on many occasions. Columbia residents want careful planning to ensure Columbia remains the place we want to live and love, and no-one does that better than Ian Thomas. He is committed, diligent, prudent, and tireless.