I very much appreciate the generous endorsements given to me during the 2016 election, by the following Fourth Ward residents.

I am Richard King and I'm voting for Ian Thomas. As a long-time Fourth Ward resident and local business owner, I appreciate Ian's careful attention to balancing business, neighborhood, and City government concerns in reaching all of his City Council decisions. As a Board member with the PedNet Coalition for many years while Ian was Executive Director, I saw first-hand how hard he works to achieve positive outcomes. In a time when it's easy to become cynical about political malfeasance, I find it refreshing to know that Ian Thomas is representing me on the Columbia City Council with fairness, honesty, and transparency.

I am Tim Harlan and I’m voting for Ian Thomas to represent the Fourth Ward. I have lived in Columbia for 45 years, and had occasion to observe various City Councils. One of the delightful things about Ian Thomas is that he “gets it" - that we all work together to improve Columbia. I’m delighted to be represented by someone who puts in so much time and effort into his Council work. I encourage you to use your vote wisely and keep a Council Member who works hard to stay in touch with constituents, speaks with a strong voice and listens with a careful ear.

I am Kay Frymire and I'm voting for Ian Thomas. As a senior at Hickman High School, I have had the opportunity to intern for Ian and I have seen how much he cares about the issues and the constituents he represents. I appreciate his work for Columbia’s transportation system, because many students at Mizzou don’t bring cars to campus. I also support his efforts to bring a “community policing” model here, to make Columbia a safer, better place to live. Ian has already proven himself to be a great asset to Columbia - if re-elected, he will continue to bring positive change.

I am Kim Kraus and I'm voting for Ian Thomas. As President of the Ridgefield Park Association, I have contacted Ian many times and he has always responded quickly - providing information and assistance, meeting with me and my neighborhood group, and facilitating contact with city departments when necessary. Ian shares the vision of Columbia that my family believes in - that Columbia should be a safe, diverse, engaged, healthy, and forward-thinking city. Columbia residents want careful planning to ensure Columbia remains the place we want to live and love, and no-one does that better than Ian Thomas.

I am Wiley Miller and I am voting for Dr. Ian Thomas to serve another term as Fourth Ward city councilman. Ian has a profound understanding of our city and of its problems and needs, he has the capacity and willingness to generate effective solutions to the problems we face, and he is dedicated to following through on solutions and decisions that genuinely and fairly improve the lives of our citizens. Ian’s work on the City Council is beneficial to us in the present, but his efforts also create the prospect for a substantially promising and positive future.

I am John Riddick and I am endorsing Ian Thomas for City Council. While Ian and I do not agree on every issue, I certainly believe he is by far the best candidate in this election. I appreciate the fact that he listens to both sides of every argument and then makes up his mind as to the best course for the City. People with Ian's abilities do not come along very often so we, the people, need to take advantage of their willingness to serve. Ian and I will continue to agree on many issues and disagree on some, but he will certainly have my vote.